Metso FieldCare

Metso FieldCare™ is replaced with Metso DeviceCare™
Metso FieldCare software provides viewing of FDT/DTM data from smart devices. This software is now in limited support, as Metso has developed new alternatives. Metso is no longer selling new licenses of Metso FieldCare. Metso DeviceCare™ software offers device configuration for Metso smart device. Existing FieldCare point-to-point users are encouraged to start using Metso DeviceCare. This software is offered free of charge, and can be downloaded here: Download DeviceCare (EN)

Existing FieldCare Pro Users
FieldCare Pro is a multi-point configuration and condition monitoring software. This software is also now in limited support. Existing users with paid licenses may extend or upgrade their license to FieldCare 2.11. This new version provides compatibility with Microsoft Windows 10. To get a quote to upgrade your FieldCare Pro license to FieldCare 2.11, please click the following link: Quote to upgrade